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Beard Trims, Shaping & Shaves in Wentzville, MO

From hot towel shaves to short trims to help beard growth, rely on The GOAT Barber House to make sure your facial hair is well taken care of. Our Wentzville, MO, barber team offers traditional and modern beard trims and shaves that suit all beard styles, types, and more. 

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Why Should I Get a Professional Shave?

Like the hair on your head, beards need to be trimmed and shaved periodically to encourage healthier growth, thicker strands, and fuller results. On another hand, you might consider a professional shave if you’re going to a job interview, on a date, or on another occasion where you’ll be making a first impression.  

How Often Should I Come In?

The GOAT Barber House recommends you come in for a beard trim or shave every four weeks to promote healthy growth. You’re always welcome to schedule appointments more or less often than four weeks depending on your style, how healthy your beard is, or if you’d like to try something different. 

Why Should I Come to You?

Flexibility is the name of our game. If you’re growing a beard, you’re likely an adult with responsibilities. Responsibilities can impede appointments. If you find yourself unable to keep your beard trim appointment, just call us! We’ll work it out with you. Additionally, we offer plenty of comfortable options for trims, including hot towel shaves, straight-razor finishes, and more. 


Grow the beard of your dreams with help from The GOAT Barber House. Call our professional barbers today to schedule a beard trim, facial, and relaxing hot towel shave today.